Saturday, December 29, 2007

Me and My Dreamzzz... kuch zyada hi baatein karte hain!

You know, i get some really REALLY weird dreams at times! Its like... the next morning, i almost bang my head against the wall when i realize how stupid a dream i had last night.
Lemme cite an instance.. One fine night, i dreamt that I am a virtual reality video game character and i have to fight a dozen jumbo-sized flying dinosaur like creatures who are well equipped with their XXXL size canines and claws, waiting to tear me into pieces! And what i have been given, as an article of defence, is a sickly sword. I was running atop buildings(yes, spidey style) trying to 'shoo' the mammoth birdies away and they were after me like hell, tasting flesh from every nook and corner of my body. It was slaughter. The worse thing was that it was a virtual reality game, and i was actually feeling the pain and was shouting.. "Itni bhi kya reality yaar!". Somehow, i managed to hide in the kitchen of my house (don't ask from where did that come from)! Phew!

Last night's dream marked the height of insanity! It was a fine day, and i had gone to an open-air mall (our second home, almost) with a friend of mine. We have spent almost half our lives loitering and basically doing nothing in the crowded corridors of that mall. And suddenly, in the dream, we saw the place completely transformed into a chic, upmarket, spic and span fashion hub, with a beautiful central garden. Awstruck, i somehow suddenly realized that it was my birthday that day(#Z%^!$%*@%)! But to my disappointment (which soon made way to fits of rage), nobody remembered it. Neither my accompanying friend, nor did my dear college friends, with whom i had chatted over the phone only a few seconds before, remembered it. And heres the worst part : All the newspapers carried a front-half page advertisment with a huge photograph of mine, dressed in a smart italian suit and Gucci shoes! It read "Happy Birthday Pranay! ...From Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Family!".
I was like... "Look... its everywhere in the newspapers... And you guys DONT even REMEMBER!!!"

Well... this was just a glimpse into my mad world! You must be thinking, if this is how my dreams are when i am asleep, then how downright ridiculous would my daydreams be!!! I may just share some of those too... sometime else! And in the mean time, why don't you guys share some of your weirdest dreams... Lets have a competition for the wildest and the most insane dream!!!
Lemme fall back to sleep now... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The shining star

Aamir Khan is back.. but not exactly with a BANG! He has sneaked his way slowly and subtly into our hearts. And more than that, he has given us an experience of a lifetime.

Taare Zameen Par comes at a time when films showcasing high octane sports drama or cheap toilet humour seem to be the toast of the audience. And at its very begining, the film shows that its thankfully different from the rest. Darsheel Safary's name comes before Aamir Khan's during the casting. Though this may not seem to be of much importance at first glance, but you realize after watching the film, that how beautifully Aamir has let the boy take centrestage. But its not that you miss Aamir. Because in front of you is a boy who seems as accomplished an actor as Aamir, and moreover, delights you with his charismatic screen presence and sheer innocence. And not to forget, that toothy smile is to die for! He charms you whenever he's on the screen. He speaks directly from his heart and expresses through his eyes. He makes you laugh till your stomach aches, and in a split second, he puts you to tears.
Apart from being a brilliant film in each and every aspect of filmmaking, what makes it even more special, is that its heart-felt. The simplicity and life-like situations bring a rarely-seen warmth to the film. Its a film with a soul. The music touches your heart. The track 'Maa' can bring tears to even the stone-hearted. The viewer can feel that void within, which the protagonist is feeling due to separation from his mother.
In a world where competition in every field has almost made the child-like innocence archaic, the film brings back the forgotten flip-book and flying fishes. It transports you to an immensly likable world. A world where alphabets dance but colors speak volumes. A world where dreams have no boundaries. A world, seldom understood by us 'adults'. The world of Ishaan Awasthi.