Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ouch! The 'tag' bug bit!

Well! Like many other fellow bloggers in blog-istan, i too have been bitten by the 'tag' bug. And the bug being, none other than Mishtizaa (check out Thank you dear, not only for biting me, but also for enlightening me about what exactly this 'tag' thing means! Okay now don't give me that look! I admit that despite those endless hours i spent on blogging and reading other's blogs, during the past 70 days, I did'nt really care to find out what a 'tag' is, untill ofcourse, i met my messiah!

So, finally, here it goes...

Life Ten Years Ago -
Was damn fun and carefree. I was just about 11 years old and in 5th or 6th grade. Middle school somehow gave a feeling of seniority to me! Though i used to cover all that up with my silly acts. School was damn fun. We studied religiously but played even harder! I still remember, how eagerly we used to wait for the 'games' period. By the time the day at school ended and i returned home (thanks to the 'nanda' school bus), my grandmother often failed to recognize me. Hair all messed up as if i had just had an electric shock; Tie hanging along my back, belt buckle oscillating in air; Shirt all tucked out of the pants and shoe laces conspiring to toss me off the ground! And adding to her fury, i straightaway put the TV on without even changing my clothes!
I was a kid back than! Well i still am, to a large extent!

Life Five Years Ago -
I was in 11th then. And those were quite exciting times. I inadvertently, fell in and out of love. There were crushes abound as the bubbling hormones in my body did'nt quite seem to loose their fizz! Waise i grew up to be quite diligent and well-behaved, and you can say, a bit chivalrous. I was adjudged as the Student Editor of our school magazine. I still can't forget our english teacher, Rama Joshi mam's intermittent bursts of hyperactivity! But she was really sweet to me. Being a part of the school office bearers team was damn fun. In the name of official meetings, we bunked classes and had samosas in the canteen, and that too for just Rs.2! Just Imagine!!! Hehe! This was the time when i made friends for life. One of the best times of my life, and probably the most self-satisfying as i achieved a lot during that period.

Life Tomorrow -
Tomorrow, as in 29th Feb, is although a once-in-a-four-year date, but it really won't discourage me from following the same routine - waking up at 10, doing all unavoidable things till 11, loitering around and killing time over the net for the rest of the day. And yes, i will whole-heartedly try to make some headway in my major project.
But if you consider 'tomorrow', as in the years to come - only time will tell! And let it be, coz i'll just like to give my best in whatever i do and will try and stay happy as ever!

Five Locations I'd love to run away to -
1. Another Jal Concert!
2. Yet another Jal Concert immediately after the first one!
3. (Ok.. No Jal this time) Hmm... Sikkim, Munnar, Andamans or Ladakh. Gimme a holiday anytime!
4. College! Yes, you read it right! I want to make most of my last few days at college!
5. C-4E market for a hot plate of momos and chowmein, along with banta(limesoda)... a deadly combo!

Five Bad Habits I have -

(But I don't have so many! Not fair!)
1. Killing time over the internet, doing practically nothing at all.
2. Munching, munching and munching... something or the other, all the time.(I am a big time foodie!)
3. Licking fingers after meal. (Someone has made me realize that i should'nt do it.)
4. Always laughing unnecessarily and uncontrollably. (Though i have worked hard to improve on that!)
5. Sleeping in class lectures. Well you can't really call it a bad habit. Its actually Disaster Management!

Five Things I'll Never Wear -
1. Body Hugging wear - M too fat for those
2. Transparent ones - They are yuck and in any case, i dont have the body for them
3. Bell Bottoms - I hate them!
4. Leaves and twigs
5. Attitude (What an answer! M an genius!)

Five Biggest Joys at this moment -
1. I have my laptop, my music, and my internet connection... all working perfectly for me!
2. M writing this really interesting post which seems to be never ending! And it actually appears like a feat to have written such a huge text already!
3. My loved ones are all around me, or just a buzz away!
4. I can smell aalu-methi being cooked! Yumm!
5. Biggest of em all - Its a holiday tomorrow!!! So i can sleep till late!

Something to achieve by next year -
Happiness and contentment in every respect.

Something that impacted me last year -

Lots. There's one thats coming to my mind - Taare Zameen Par. It gave me my first blog topic!

What will i miss about 2007 -
Its novelty factor. The fact that it was the most happening year for me. Life took many turns. I hope 2008 will be as exciting!

Five things I want to do before i die -
1. Own the best home theater system in the world
2. Venture out into the Brazillian forests and inside the Pyramids
3. Become adept at guitar playing
4. Sing for a music album and in front of a thousand live audience
5. Finish off this post! Hehe!

Am i through with it! Phew! This was LONG! But fun, for sure! Thanx misthtizaa once again.
Ok.. Now i suppose i have to bite other blabbering bloggers.
Umang and Gauri... your turn!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Har Jagah Hai JAL

Amidst soaring crowds and roaring loudspeakers, braving the cold and withstanding the cacophony of some RJ-cum-Anchor-cum-Nonsense, stood I, waiting anxiously for the musical journey to begin. The wait was almost killing me, but i knew that it was soon going to happen. Something that i had always waited for, something that turned out far, FAR more mesmerizing than i had thought. Here I was, living my dream, attending my first ever 'JAL' - Live In Concert!

For those who don't know (i hope there are'nt be many), Jal is a Pakistani Soft-Rock Pop Band and the entity behind the two biggest campus anthems in the Indian Subcontinent - Aadat and Woh Lamhey. Apart from these two, they have produced gems like Bikhra Hoon Main, Teri Yaad, Panchi and Dil Haarey. They hit the jackpot when Aadat leaked via the Internet and found fans from around the globe. And when they released their first album Aadat(named after the song Aadat only) in 2004, it became a rage overnight. After a long hiatus, they are back with their new album. the 2nd one, called Boondh - A Drop of Jal. And believe me, they are all set to recreate history.

The concert, held at NSIT New Delhi, began with the immensely melodious and lyrical ballad - Teri Yaad, one of my personal favourites. They then went on to sing Woh Lamhey which got the crowd swinging in flashback mode. All the memories, of old friends and of lost love became reminiscent. Not letting the tranquilizing feeling stay for long, swoosh came the hard-core rock number - Rangon Mein, which all of a sudden transformed the environs into a radioactive chamber oozing out tons of contagious energy which left no one ungripped. Vigourous headbanging and unrelentingly loud vocalizing didnt seem to tax even a wee bit on the seemingly inexhaustible amount of energy that had got infused in the crowd. The roller-coaster never deaccelerated from then on. The crowd went mad and the management, haywire, when
Goher (the Lead Guitarist and Co-Vocalist), came into his own and performed Dil Haarey. He bowled the crowd over with his histrionics with the guitar and won hearts with his sugar-coated voice.
The evening assumed boiling point as the band obliged the crowd, incessantly shouting-'Aadat' 'Aadat'! The Lead Vocalist,
Farhan, beautifully took over and hypnotized the audience with the depth in his voice as he crooned the haunting track - the last for the evening.
Alas! It all had to come to an end. And even with people disregarding their paining throats and helplessly shouting 'Once More', the band bid adieu to the audience. Ahh! No grudges. That one and a half hour made my day, and week, and month! And if i get to attend one more such event, it'll make my year!

The hangover is still there, two days past the golden night. And i still can be found crooning 'Dil haarey pukaarey tujhe.... Man jaa rey manale mujhe' in the college, during a class, in the loo, on the roads, in the cab, mid-way during sleep, and everywhere elsewhere!

24th February 2008 was surely a night I'll cherish for a long long time!

Watch the video of a part of their performance:

Know more about Jal :
You can download audio and video clips of their songs from the website. Do check out their new song 'Sajni' from the new album, also availible on the site.

P.S : For the unawares, 'Har Jagah Hai Jal' is an awsome track from their first album Aadat.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Unsatiable Appetite for Gadgets

Before I begin describing the 'agony' i have long been going through, lemme tell you guys something about myself. Coz if i don't, i doubt whether anyone would care to express even slight condolences.

Writing this post, is a tech-freak --not because he's doing a trash-bin worthy Engineering Degree in I.T.-- but because he is simply in love 
with all those geeky and sexy thingies like MP3 players, Mobile Phones, 
Audio/Video Systems and what not!

So its not infrequent for me to fall in love with a gizmo. And then,
begins the ordeal. The toy toys with my brain and disturbs my sleep.
It forces me to spend endless hours on the net, reading reviews after
and helplessly staring at the photographs of it's various poses, silently admiring the beauty of the object of my desire.
I desperately wish I could touch it
with my hands, feel its presence around me, and find it it's righteous owner.
The urge to rob a bank gets unresistable at times.

Its not that my wishes have been entirely ignored, but its kinda complex. I'll clarify. I call this 'Provide and Rule'. This is a philisophy which my bread-earners(or gizmo-earners) seem to be following in attempts to distract me off my current gadget-love. And hell! It works.
It works in two steps:
1. Provide Pranay with some-other, and potentially cheaper (still better, free) gadget which he least expects to get, and,
2. Rule out and infact ruin the chances of buying him the gadget 
that he really wants.

Fantastic na! Uff! Anyone experienced at robbing banks?!?!?!

So back in 2005, when i desperately wanted a down-right gorgeous pair of speakers, i actually got an iPod Shuffle. See... u get the trick!
Last year, when i asked them to replace my ancestral computer with a new one having state-of-the-art configuration, they shut me up with my brother's used laptop!
And last month, i asked my brother to get an aphrodisiac mp3 player by Creative (coz i wrecked my iPod), he bribed me with - hold your breath - pen drives!

Here, I'd like to mention that my family takes very good care of me and they have given me everything - things which i have'nt even asked for! May i take this opportunity to request them not to shower so much blessings upon me... I'd be more than happy if they just give me the basic needs of an average youngster like me. A new mobile phone would only go a long way to improve connectivity and closeness with family even when i am away. A camcorder will ensure that our beutiful memories are captured in high definition! 
And, a small, rudimentary mp3 player so that I can pass time during 
the long and tiring 
commuting hours.
Main zyaada nahin maangta (I don't demand much)! Do I?

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Sound of Sleep

(Did'nt get anything else to write about, so ended up writing this piece of poetry... One of my first few attempts at it. Don't ask what happened to the previous attempts!)

The world so quiet
And a chill in the air,
making ears numb
for even the silence, to hear

The sound of the clock
ticking towards a new day,
hypnotizing me
like a mother's canorous lullaby

Of days gone by,
of times to come
The people i love,
and those i shun
I see everything
and I see myself
They whisper something
so pure, so fair
so blunt, yet so dear

I dream and I gaze
into the life of my own
The feats i achieved
and the skills, still to hone
The nights, so blue,
And days with a happy hue
The afterthoughts of the events
And that feeling of déjà vu
Of love hidden deep
And promises to keep
Always reminding me of myself,
The sound of sleep