Thursday, December 27, 2007

The shining star

Aamir Khan is back.. but not exactly with a BANG! He has sneaked his way slowly and subtly into our hearts. And more than that, he has given us an experience of a lifetime.

Taare Zameen Par comes at a time when films showcasing high octane sports drama or cheap toilet humour seem to be the toast of the audience. And at its very begining, the film shows that its thankfully different from the rest. Darsheel Safary's name comes before Aamir Khan's during the casting. Though this may not seem to be of much importance at first glance, but you realize after watching the film, that how beautifully Aamir has let the boy take centrestage. But its not that you miss Aamir. Because in front of you is a boy who seems as accomplished an actor as Aamir, and moreover, delights you with his charismatic screen presence and sheer innocence. And not to forget, that toothy smile is to die for! He charms you whenever he's on the screen. He speaks directly from his heart and expresses through his eyes. He makes you laugh till your stomach aches, and in a split second, he puts you to tears.
Apart from being a brilliant film in each and every aspect of filmmaking, what makes it even more special, is that its heart-felt. The simplicity and life-like situations bring a rarely-seen warmth to the film. Its a film with a soul. The music touches your heart. The track 'Maa' can bring tears to even the stone-hearted. The viewer can feel that void within, which the protagonist is feeling due to separation from his mother.
In a world where competition in every field has almost made the child-like innocence archaic, the film brings back the forgotten flip-book and flying fishes. It transports you to an immensly likable world. A world where alphabets dance but colors speak volumes. A world where dreams have no boundaries. A world, seldom understood by us 'adults'. The world of Ishaan Awasthi.


Gauri Gharpure said...

interesting review...i agree with the thing u have written abt 'the world of ishaan awasthi'. his day dreaming selles really were a joy to see... u may also want to read mine sometime...

Shiva said...

gr8 review
i have tried my bit 2 review TZP
check it out @

vaibhav said...

The movie unfeignedly shows an ingenious mind's creation,be it d paintings of ishaan or cinematic skills of debutant director aamir khan.One can sense a bit of 'inshaan-ness' in themselves as he faces d challenges and get stuck in life's vicious cycle where competition is springing up wid every tick of d clock.
The message we can gather from TZP is if we all have an attitude of supporting and helping in true sense(as of Mr. Nikumbh), practically, we might not build an utopian society but DEFINITELY one where every person can achieve n fulfill dere dreams not only wid academic skills(wich is mandatory) but also wid d talent wich every1 has within.And as the movie says "Every Child Is Special".
So dere must be something special in u..Just go n search for something special in urself n show it to d whole world while i search for mine....

viraj said...

well, it has been a while since i watched d movie.
u hav captured d very essence of d movie.
gud work :)

YuDi said...

Nice Review Man...... :)
I liked dat movie abit...... :P