Thursday, July 1, 2010

Add Music to your Life!

Music has to be the most wonderful gift man has given himself! Mood-uplifter for some, trance-inducer for others - music can cast magical effects on one's mind, persona and character. It can make one achieve unfathomable highs and surpass untraversable barriers.

One such classic example of how music can lead to miracles, is Billy McLaughlin - A world renowned and supremely gifted guitarist and composer who stunned audiences with his unique fingerstyle guitar strokes. With compositions beautifully depicting shades and situations of his own life, listeners were able to relate to his signature style of music - which is inherently sans vocals!
In 1997, Billy started losing his touch with the guitar. He was diagnosed with Focal Dystonia - a neurological disorder in his left hand which severely restricted his ability to play. All he could now play with his guitar, was the very first tune he learnt as a child. The disorder took away from Billy the ability to play much of his music, including his signature fingerstyle.

In 2006 - 9 years after being bogged down by the disorder - Billy staged a comeback. He had wonderfully adapted to, and virtually won over his condition - by actually re-learning the craft using his right hand. In an amazing story of rarely-seen patience, courage and grit of the human mind, Billy resurrected his music, his career and his life.
Having ascended from the ashes like the Phoenix, Billy emerged better than ever before - so say his fans!

I had the fortune to experience Billy performing in front of me. I was mesmerized, to say the least - it was a high you just can't know unless you've really experienced it.
Listening to Billy live, I realized how music can change your world. How it can, at times become the singleton driving force to bring about a change in your life. It just adds a new dimension to your mindset and attitude towards life. It has done that - for me. 
Being able to play that song I've been practicing since days; suddenly waking up one morning and realizing I can strum that chord which seemed impossible the day before; just randomly plucking my guitar and suddenly realizing that the tune sounded great - it all happens with me, and I'm sure it happens to each one out there who plays an instrument.
So, pick up any musical instrument you like (or think is cool!) - the guitar, saxophone, piano, tabla, sitar, drums, flute... any one. Learn it - it can turn out to be a life changing experience!

I leave you with one of the most popular and arguably the most astounding creation of Billy. This song was composed on one quiet night in Minnesota, when Billy was not able to sleep because he had got so used to the noise from the cars passing by on the freeway next to where he lived before in Los Angeles. He tried to reproduce those 'noises' of vehicles in this composition - Helms Place 

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