Friday, February 8, 2008

The Sound of Sleep

(Did'nt get anything else to write about, so ended up writing this piece of poetry... One of my first few attempts at it. Don't ask what happened to the previous attempts!)

The world so quiet
And a chill in the air,
making ears numb
for even the silence, to hear

The sound of the clock
ticking towards a new day,
hypnotizing me
like a mother's canorous lullaby

Of days gone by,
of times to come
The people i love,
and those i shun
I see everything
and I see myself
They whisper something
so pure, so fair
so blunt, yet so dear

I dream and I gaze
into the life of my own
The feats i achieved
and the skills, still to hone
The nights, so blue,
And days with a happy hue
The afterthoughts of the events
And that feeling of déjà vu
Of love hidden deep
And promises to keep
Always reminding me of myself,
The sound of sleep


Aravind said...

thats a good start man..u say u had nuthin to write but came up with a beautiful poem...xcellent!!!

Shayan said...

If this is your first one...its not that bad & the template is just about okay for me especially the Recycle Bin theme is kewl!!

cookie™ said...

nice ! keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

ahhh...writers block = great poetry :)

Seriously for "one of the first attempts" very good...Made me feel mushy inside :) which is a good thing...

Pranay said...

thnx aravind, shayan, cookie(oh! i wanna eat one!) and rashi..
well i myself was a bit apprehensive whether i shud post this or not.. going by ur comments, i think it was a fine decision.. thnx guys..

MishtiZaa said...

Is it the first time really.... Nice one :) "sound of sleep" is good

Pranay said...

well mishtizaa, i wrote once before for my school magazine. The poem did'nt get printed not withstanding that i was the co-editor of that magazine!!!

viraj said...

considering tht it's only d first one frm u, it's excellent.
and the template is cool.
meanwhile i hav put some pics on my blog. hav a look ven u get time.

Pranay said...

special thnx 2 u.. coz u also commented on the template!!!
how i wish that everyone who comments on this post henceforth also comments on the template! afterall, i made it myself! got the clue??!!!

MishtiZaa said...

made it yourself??? :O

Lionel said...

gd try

huzefa said... topic

Ajay Kumar said...

Well, I am defenitely not good at writing poems. But i can tell good from bad. Nice one for a rookie dude!!.

cookie™ said...

i commented on shame!
anyway nice to see and thanks for giving the link to my blog "cherryantacids" on ur profile. thanks!

Comfortably Numb said...

NIce...and considering it was your first "REAL" attempt..:P ...ITs all good :)


C R D said...

good attempt dude.

Btw, forced to read an old post coz u havent updated ur blog