Sunday, May 17, 2009

Till distances do us apart

We’ll meet and share moments together
Moments, that we promised, will last a lifetime
A lifetime may not be enough, you said
To express the love that’s all mine

We’ll sit for hours, staring at each other…
And not say a word
We’ll just lie there, and enjoy the silence
 And let the stars say the story untold

We’ll be together, happy as ever
The madness will always be there
Your touch will always be as special,
And we’ll live life with reasons to cheer

All this and more… we promised to each other
We promised… separation- will happen never
Guess the stars have played their part
And distances have done us apart

We know, all’s not well
Not that we didn’t try… gave it many a chance
We simply, aren’t the way- for what we strived
But that’s all right, till the day we realized
We don’t speak the way we used to…
And neither do the stars

Still, I’d like to believe… all’s not lost.
That touch, that’s no longer with me…
I’ll try to revisit, holding my own hand
That love, which is fading away…
I’ll rekindle, with even more love and warmth
The fire, that once raged; The spark, we thought we had
I’ll reignite
The bleakness that’s abound; The darkness, that’s gripping us…
I’ll bring light

And I’ll do this all,
I’ll do even more…
To make sure
You are always mine

Then again, the stars may never speak up,
And we may never get off to a new start
But I’ll never fail to try harder
Till distances, really do us apart

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Second Lease of Life

There have been times, in the past 10 months, when i felt at lack of something. When I felt some feelings were not finding an outlet (Not that I was'nt allowed to go to the toilet!). As if some integral part of my life was suddenly just not there anymore. I was at grave loss. I was shattered. I went into depression. Okay... I'm exaggerating!
But seriously yaar... Even peecee started complaining. I wasnt exploiting him the way i used to, you know! And then there are my countless fans out there, who just can't live without me. Their love forced me back in here! Not that I myself didn't want to. But there's something called PR too! I have given in to the call of the times and the fans!
Well... Now that I am back... What are you waiting for!!! Where's my 'Welcome back' cake??? Where's the champagne? 
Guys... I'm BACK!!! Heyy... look there... one guy clapped! Thanks bro! I knew somebody's been waiting!

Okay okay... Cut the noise! Now you people are anxious to know where have i been all these days, right? Why did i go into this self-imposed absentia? Did i get marooned on an island with no internet connectivity? Did the aliens abduct me? Did I go on a mission to abduct the aliens?
Well well well... It's a long looooonnng looooooonnnnnnnggggg story. To cut it short... I got into an IT company. Now you know eh!
That's right. College got over; joined Accenture- that too at Chennai; had a blast there managing with broken English and even more broken Tamil; had plenty of sambhar, idli, dosa, vada, uthappam; got bored of the beach (yes, you read it right!); got transferred to hyderabad; underwent an eye surgery; experienced complete blindness for 24 hours; and yes whenever i got time out of all these things- worked quite a lot at office!

You can wipe those tears off now! When I'm here, have no fear!
It's been a long time... I hope I haven't lost the touch. Lot's to catch up, lot's to read. Don't know what buddy bloggers have been up to all these months.

Let's start off with sharing the latest instance of something I do best - Dream! Yes, I'm at it again! But this time, the dream had a moral lesson underlining it! I've grown up you see! Here goes the nightmarish dream -

It was a scorching summer day. The sun relentlessly shining with all its might. No sign of clouds in sight. News channels shouting "Heat wave across India". One of the news channels had a scientist commenting on the weather. He perdicted catastrophe- "Cloud formation is not happening. Global warming has stopped the evaporation-condensation cycle. The world is going to experience a long, unbearable summer. Arctic ice is melting faster than we can gauge. The world may experience tsunamis with waves over 100m in height destroying all coastal cities. And soon, sea levels will drop drastically. Marine life is under threat. The world... is nearing its end."

Thank God this one ended quickly. Gosh! Scary thought. Phew!
Well... don't worry that much. Just switch off that A.C. The room is comfortable enough now.
And heyy... why is that cell phone charger switched on? I don't see the phone being charged. Switch it off!
I'm sure you'd never like this nightmare turning into reality. So work towards it; Our planet may not get a second lease of life.

You can put that smile back on your face now. Coz remember... I'm back!