Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From the third attempt, till the final one...

A little over an year after my last blog post (below), I'm back to blogging! This is in fact the third attempt to rejuvenate my blog from dormancy. The second one failed miserably despite promising frequent activity to myself and the readers. 
So this time around, no commitments and no meant-to-be-broken promises! Maybe just a hope and a possibility that this time I'll continue writing, atleast in the near future. Why this sudden ray of hope? Well for one, I'm going back to college! New people and new experiences always make good stuff to write, don't they?! Plus, I think the itch to write is making a comeback in me, and I have a renewed urge to put my thoughts to words. 

You can probably make out that I'm really REALLY interested this time, by the new look ThinkTrash! Yes, I have given it a brand new look and feel! And I definitely intend to boast when I say that I designed the top banner from scratch, all by myself! I know you're dying to shower praises but you can read the rest of the post, and then drop a comment about what you think about the design... I can wait a bit! :D

Meanwhile, I came across this awesome video on TED, which got me thinking...

What would be my final Facebook status update, my last blog (if I do continue blogging till then ;) ), or my last tweet? Would I be on my death bed, hurriedly posting something with my wobbly hands? Something like...

Yeah, wait till I'm back in my next incarnation, I'll settle scores with the 5 people who liked that!

Or maybe, people will start posting their wills online! Hereby, I announce that XYZ will have all permissions to read, access and modify my blog, Facebook, Twitter, GMail, LinkedIn and Foursquare accounts so that I remain online in the virtual world, forever!

On a more serious note, as the guy in the video said, we are all leaving behind an unimaginable amount of data, stored and shared across the world wide web. And that data isn't merely a digital combination of 0 and 1. It's a plethora of thoughts and memories in the form of text, photos and videos; and in the larger sense, a legacy and a culture in it's own right.
In a way, it is all probably good. My great great grand daughter will know what a jerk her great great grand dad was! :D


Namita said...

I like it... I just so like it!! its such a innovative piece pranay. Good job!! Sala talent se bhare ho tum log. I envy you~!!

Shuchi said...

loved the new look n feel, the part - 5 likes on 'Dying in ...'

nice read..

Pranay said...

Thanks Nammo! Your blog is no less.. realized that you updated it recently.. reading it now!

@Shuchi.. :) thanks!

CRD said...

Awesome post man..welcome back! :)

The banner is awesome. Remember the banner you designed for my blog? I'm still using it :P

do visit mine. Im quite regular, unlike you ;)

CRD said...


itshodgepodge said...

Reminded me of Vivian Maier! She took more than 1 lakh beautiful pictures in her life time and nobody knew until she died. Someone discovered her film rolls from a house auction and the whole world was blown away! She lived her whole life as a nanny.

Nice read, thought provoking! And sometimes I really think of deleting the things and words I've done or said half-heartedly from the web, for I don't leave any wrong notions behind as I die.

P.S. Change that god damn picture dude. You look like a constipated Japanese nerd.
P.P.S. I think I'm also going to REDESIGN my blog pretty soon and I like that tiny trashbin icon!

Anonymous said...

Have a look - Also you may be interested -

Pranay said...

@Chris.. dude! you've become a pro-blogger! Visited your blog after such a long time! And yeah, you're still using that banner :)

Pranay said...

Dude I can't change the picture on the blog now. P.S. It was clicked by you! :D
And that logo and the entire banner is my copyright until eternity! So keep your eyes off them!
But in case, you want assistance in the 'redesigning', it'll be the usual.. 10 Rupe x 1000 Rupe :p

And I'm blown away by Vivian Maier! Her work is incredible! Thanks for sharing.

Pranay said...

That was incredible!
So are you suggesting that there might never be something called 'the last status update'?

Rohit said...

Hey. Rejuvenation 3, and this is the first post I'm reading. Good luck this time around.

Brilliant work on the banner BTW.


Anonymous said...


One among many aspects of ageing research. Will get there eventually. btw does this thing have rss.

- Krishna

Pranay said...

Thanks for dropping by! Yeah.. hope I continue posting this time!

Pranay said...

You should see the RSS icon highlighted upon opening the site (if you use opera). I guess for other browsers you should be able to spot a similar option using any RSS add-on. If not, lemme know, will add an option on the blog.

Pranay said...

You can now find the 'Subscribe via RSS' option in the right-side menu.

itshodgepodge said...

I was talking about redesigning! Did you forget what that means ass?
Galti kar di tareef kar ke.

Pranay said...

That's what I said loser! Go ahead with the 'redesigning'. I quoted my price. Take it or leave it - your wish!

Sneha Sunny said...

hmmm....well, this time I hope you'll post regularly..!!

Pranay said...

thanks Sneha for dropping by! I hope so too!