Monday, July 14, 2008

Official Audio Release: 'Light Kab Aayegi'

Now stop wondering and giggling at that name! Read on, coz this is goin to be a life-changing experience, especially for those agonized by daily electricity cuts and load shedding. Guys, your anthem is here!

This is our first full-fledged 100% original song. With 'our' i mean, that this song is composed, written and sung by me and my friend - Vaibhav.
There's a little story behind this song. It dates to about 2 years back. Me and Vaibhav were sitting idly, bored to hell, as there was no electricity. We ultimately decided to play Carrom, but with the board upside-down! Lousily and lethargically, we went about tossing the striker and wondering..."Light Kab Aayegi yaar...". And then, it happened! EUREKA! "Lets compose a song"!!!
I picked up my guitar and started strumming in search of a catchy tune...
The rest, as they say, is history!

So here it is, a song which we composed 2 years back, digitally recorded for all you guys to listen and appreciate. Yes. Appreciation is mandatory.


Blow the trumpets
Unleash the Champagne Fountain
And hail the latest pop sensation....

Ok guys. Now all you have to do, is click on the link below.. RIGHT NOW.

Download the song and let the music play baby!!!

Light Kab Aayegi [Download Here]

[Alternate Download Link 1 (4Shared)]

[Alternate Download Link 2 (Rapidshare)]

Artist : PnV

Lead Vocalist : Vaibhav Verma

Backing Vocals : Pranay Sethi

Lyrics : Vaibhav Verma and Pranay Sethi
Composition : Vaibhav Verma and Pranay Sethi
Music : Pranay Sethi

So guys.. wat are u waiting for!!! Listen to the song online, or download the song and listen to it on your favourite music player, share it with your friends and let the world know about it!


itshodgepodge said...

a gud one!! teoo teoo was the best part..recording is ossom!!!!
inverter n generator ka mention hota to maza ata..paseena bhi daal skta tha wasie!! gr8 job overall!!

Anonymous said...

aha! Downloading... it will take time i dont have DSL these days! :(

anwyays, I am glad you come up with something? I some days back, opened your blog wondering who knows if you have updated and my reader is not giving an update message!

best of luck,, will comment later after listening hmmm

Divita said...

er.. its taking ages to download.
but lemme tell you, no matter how the song is i love the idea and the initiative!!!

The Solitary Writer. said...

oho musician composer jii

lemme hear it first

tell me how to download it expliclitly

coz my net sucks if i hear it online then its gone it will take 1 hr :p

will hear it soon and comment oin it

Pranay said...

okay guys.. m waitin wid baited breath for ur responses..
thnx ankit..
and steph..
just go to the link.. u'll see the song name and a download button there..

C R D said...

woah. a blogger who sings?

singlng blogger or blogging singer? [:P]

dloading the track right now...itd better be good ..ok? :d

mebbe someday we can start a singing contest on bloggeratti :P


mindbodysoul said...

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Anonymous said...


I drowned in the song, Man too good, so melodious! I love it, awesome! who sang it? and who played the guitar.. I am sure you must have told somewhere I must have overlooked!

Divita said...

heard it...kinda cute! :)
the guitar is amazing, i think u cud have added more lyrics to it.

good job man!

Pranay said...

@crd.. hehe sure man..
but in this song, my frnd(vaibhav) is d lead singer... m d guitarist and provide backing vocals!!
hope u like it.. waitin 4 ur comment

Pranay said...

thnx a ton asbah!!
m really flattered!
well.. my frnd vaibhav is the one who sang the song..
i gave the backing vocals(all they hey hey hmm hmm) and played the guitar..

thnx divita..
maybe we could add to it in the future! :)

Pranay said...

thnx a ton asbah!!
m really flattered!
well.. my frnd vaibhav is the one who sang the song..
i gave the backing vocals(all they hey hey hmm hmm) and played the guitar..

thnx divita..
maybe we could add to it in the future! :)

Rajesh said...

oh...lets w8 for the songs..

Pranay said...

dude.. the song is out.. u need not wait for it.. i hv given the link.. if u may care to click on it..

Prashant Goyal said...

really nice song....but the gutar playing was the best par of it

Anonymous said...

his vocals are lovely you know! and guitar, wow!

Anonymous said...

God, I am even advertising this song and telling people to comment on it [:p]you owe me gratitude you know.

may be you can ask for help in case of lyrics you know [;)]

Besta luck bytheway!

Pranay said...

thnku prashant.. thnx a lot :)

i kno.. his voice had that laid back feel required for this song! thnx..
u kno.. i kinda find it funny.. dont u..?? means.. light kab aayegi!!!
and i really owe big time to you.. thnx for all the advertising..
well u can be d lyricist of the next song we compose! :p

KP said...

good optimistic attitude dude....

mYsTeRyWriTeR!!! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Just heard it.
The strumming was awesome.
But i didnt feel the desperation we all go thru wen we dun have electricity.
Maybe a lil more lyrics for the same.......
But if it is a first was good ya.

mysterywriter said...

Just heard it.
The strumming was awesome.
But i didnt feel the desperation we all go thru wen we dun have electricity.
Maybe a lil more lyrics for the same.......
But if it is a first was good ya.

anurag said...

I loved the guitar the way good attempt!! Surely looking forward to hear more songs from u and ur co-partner!!

Sandeep Balan said...

the guitar bit is really awesome man..."light kab aayegi, aur kitna pakaayegi"..he he...we have some good talent prowling in the blog jungle here! cheers!

poonam said...

hey .. you got a good voice.. guitar is good as welll. i guess puttin up some better lyrics might do the trick for you.. afterall ..this is how it starts right...nice attempt...

Pranay said...

thnx guys for all ur comments..

well.. yes theres not much agony.. probably bcoz the inverter was workng and we dint have to write it soaked it sweat. had that been d case, then the song wud hv showcased fits of rage!! :p

Pranay said...

thnx anuraag and sandeep...

those are actually my friend vaibhav's vocals.. i just did the backing vocals(all the heyy heyy hmm hmm :))
hmm.. prob next time we'll concentrate more on lyrics

Anonymous said...

i heard the is really catchy! hats off to u!!!

The Lover

Gagan said...

lemme listen to this !!!

tnx :d

Balaji Ranganath said...

good job!!!

Pranay said...

@the lover
thnx for 'loving' it!!!

waitin for ur response..

Comfortably Numb said...

Awesome work! Great special effects!
Forget accenture dude! Start singing :)


Matangi Mawley said...

the guitar score was gr8! a very good attempt.. :)
liked the lyrics a lot..
kudos! :)

Pranay said...

hehe... well i can continue wid accenture as my alternate career!!! :p
omg.. wat if my boss reads this!! I'll get fired before even joining!

Pranay said...

thnku so much..

Charu said...

WOW...Wat creativity Man..ths is called fetching ALOT out of nothng..
Ths Song is just WOnderFul..Brings Out the Agony n Despair Of powercuts very WEl..;)
Keep it Up..

Sandeep Balan said...

lets shoot the video for this :P

Abhinav Viswambharan said...

the song sounds cool. the best thing i liked is the concept behind it...last sunday there was no electricity for close to was like hell...agar tab yeh gaana suntha tho dil ko thodi raahat milti... :P

Pranay said...

thnx yaar.. u really got into the depth of the song!! :p
thnku soo much..

oho... late ho gaye yaar hum thoda..
well.. u can wait for the nxt tm theres no electricity and play d song loud on ur phone!! :p

Abha said...

Gee...the song's so cute...and the lyrics...even cuter!!...[:)]

Dina said...

dude... that was a nice one man... luvd the part where the vocalist imitates the sounds of a guitar...

i duno much technical aspects of music apart from listening to movie songs... but i feel more lyrics cud ve done better... n guitar in the background sounded a bit monotonous...

nice job... cheers

Pranay said...

thnx abha..

thnx girl.. that part seems to be the fav of all the listeners!
hmm.. well maybe we could have done with a 3rd para too..
and well.. i'll try to improve the guitaring.. m still an amatuer.. so i'll get bettr as i learn more..
prob the next song will see some good guitars..

thnx for all that constructive criticism..

Vinayak said...

Very nice.
in jammu the light is very bad.It just come for 2 hours.

sour said...

composing and writing comes automatically from your heart.

nice idea by the way. :|

The Solitary Writer. said...

dude my net is so slow yaara

not getting downloaded :((

hello there

inviting u to join the writers lounge

do join our group blog

do leave ur email id in that blog in the first post

we will invite u
hope to see u there

Tarun said...

bindas ....!

Pranay said...

then this song is tailor made for u.. just sing it throughout d day, n make ur neighbourhood sing it too.. n maybe light-devta becomes happy!

thnx tarun and 'sour'.. very 'sweet' of u!

Trinaa said...

hahahahaha.. wonder y we didnt think of that :)...nice song..

Abhishek said...

very interesting. Recording is very good and so is strumming.
Vaibhav has good chance of becoming singer :)

Pranay said...

thnx trinaa, abhishek
i'll surely tell that to vaibhav.. hehe!

Shiva said...

very cool and melodious song...
very emotional for me...
jammu is way ahead in terms of power cuts than delhi.
The guitar beats were good.
It would have been more emotional if it was before inverters.
Who is the singer...
i thought more could be the done with the lyrics...
coz' the song movies so smoothly that u wish for more.

Tyaun myaunn tyaun doesnt distract though... its humorous enough

You should seriously think of making more such songs...
Make a band and go on for such songs... what about cable cuts... internet disconnect etc...

this is one of my longest comments...
lookin' forward for your comments.


CrAzYbLoG ,

Pranay said...

well.. that'll be one of the most cherished comments i hv ever recieved on the song..
thnku so much..
the singer is Vaibhav, a close frnd of mine..
and yes, we are looking at the option of making more songs.. lets see.. i hope sumtng works out soon..
will surely check out ur blog..

Nenu said...

HI uys have done some really cool job..i can see(or rather hear) a lot of spark in you..
the singer was simply amazing..a very calmin voice he has..
the guitar was well played and in sync..
everythin was great..rock on!

Pranay said...


thnx a lot for those lovely comments..
i just hope that the spark only brightens further!!! :)

Anonymous said...

dissapointed ...

Pranay said...

i'd appreciate if you specifically mention what you didnt like about the song.. thnx :)

Anonymous said...

good vocals and strumming and funny should put a video in youtube to get more hits..oh wait, i forgot there is no light ;-)

umangexuberance said...

ok guys I have to certify that this is my new favourite and I am adding it to my playlist :)

so how are u?
I am back to blogging
see you at my new blog soon

C R D said...

hey...this is for u...have a look :)

Anonymous said...

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kaber said...

hey why can't i download it?

do u have it online like on youtube or something

i've done a few songs to.

is one

cutestangel said...

Wow you have good guitar skills and the voice is good too!!!
So are you auditioning for next voice of India???:)

Dan* said...

downloading it..... i will hit bac...

Do-h said...

creativity unleashed :D

Anonymous said...

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ankit said...

Ankit : Awesum composition by u guys.... its really nice :)